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Top Hotels to stay in Jaipur

The Pink City of Jaipur is a beautiful holiday destination, and a must visit on tour to Rajasthan. The capital of Rajasthan, the city boasts of beautiful temples, historical museums and stunning monuments. A trip to Jaipur can be an exciting experience for the travelling on the search for valorous history of the Rajput. Stay at the comfortable hotel at Jaipur, full of modern day comforts and amenities, for a memorable trip. With different options like heritage hotels, resorts and lodges available, visitors at Jaipur can have a pleasurable trip.

What to do in Jaipur

The city of Jaipur is filled with lots of tourist attractions. Starting from historical monuments with huge cannons to a stunning jewelry museum, one can always discover something new in their Jaipur tour. Visitors can head towards the several parks and gardens in the city of Jaipur, built for the recreation of the favorite queen of the Maharana (King). Tourists can savor the flavorful and aromatic dishes of the city, available in different textures and colors, which create a flavorful explosion in the mouth. Overall, the Pink City is surrounded with different sightseeing option suitable for the taste of every traveler.

brief about Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital of the Kachwaha Rajputs of Amer, has always been an extraordinary city. Surrounded by the Aravalli Hills, the city of Jaipur has evolved into a busy metropolis bustling with activities. Still, the city has not forgotten it vibrant history and culture. Built in late 18th century, the city of Jaipur was established to accommodate the growing population. Founded by Sewai Jai Singh II of Amer, the city was well planned and created according to the different architectural doctrines. Among the popular landmarks, City Palace maintains the honor of being the residence of the Royal Family. Jantar Mantar, with its largest sun dial, tries to read the stars of the night. Other popular landmarks are equally enticing and have glamorous history associated with it.

Besides the landmarks, the city of Jaipur is filled with ancient shops and markets run by fourth to fifth generation shop owners selling stunning items. For foodies, the city of Jaipur has a wide array of spicy and aromatic dishes, with melt in the mouth textures that will create an explosion of flavors in the mouth.

Overall, the trip to this glorious city, with every smiling people, is an experience that cannot be described in words.


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